Building on the Command Line

Visual C++ provides command-line tools for programmers who prefer to build their applications from the command prompt. If you want to use the command line to build a project created in Visual C++, you can use one of the following:

  • CL
    Use the compiler (cl.exe) to compile and link source code files.

  • Link
    Use the linker (link.exe) to link compiled object files.

  • MSBuild (Visual C++)
    Use MSBuild to build Visual C++ projects and Visual Studio solutions from the command line. Invoking this utility is equivalent to running the Build project or Build Solution command in the Visual Studio integrated development environment.

    Use DEVENV combined with a command line switch, such as /Build or /Clean, to perform certain build commands without displaying the Visual Studio IDE.

  • NMake
    Use NMake to automate tasks that build Visual C++ projects.

When you build from the command line, you can obtain help on warnings, errors, and messages by starting the development environment and clicking Search on the Help menu.

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