View Work Item Details from Pending Changes Window (Team Explorer Everywhere)

When you check in files to Team Foundation version control, you can optionally associate a work item with the changeset. To do so, you might have to view the details of the work item to determine if it is applicable.

Required Permissions

To perform these procedures, you must have the Check in or the Check out permissions set to Allow. For more information, see the following topic on the Microsoft Web site: Team Foundation Server Permissions.

To view work item details during a check-in

  1. Begin the steps for performing a check-in, as described in Check in Pending Changes (Team Explorer Everywhere).

  2. In the Check In dialog box or the Pending Changes window, click the Work Items channel.

  3. In the list of work items, double-click the work item for which you want to see details. The work item opens in the editor. You can view the details of the work item or you can modify it. For more information, see Adding and Modifying Bugs, Tasks and Other Work Items.

  4. After you view the work item, if the work item should be associated with the check-in, follow the procedures in Associate Work Items with Changesets (Team Explorer Everywhere).

  5. Click Check In.

    The specified pending changes are checked in. For more information, see Submitting and Undoing Pending Changes (Team Explorer Everywhere).

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