General Development Settings

The collection of settings named General Development Settings configures Visual Studio to match the default layout and settings. Choose this settings collection if you develop applications in more than one language, create add-ins, or simply want the least amount of optimizations to the IDE.

You can choose this collection of settings the first time you start Visual Studio. After that you can choose it by means of the Import and Export Settings command on the Tools menu.

  1. On the first page of the wizard, pick Reset All Settings, then click Next.

  2. Click Next again.

  3. On the Choose a Default Collection of Settings page of the wizard, select General Development Settings.


The following customizations are made to the IDE when you apply General Development Settings.



Window layout

Solution Explorer and Class View tab docked on the right; Server Explorer and Toolbox tab docked and hidden on the left.

Project types

All installed project types appear in the New Project dialog box.

Options dialog box

All categories and options are available by default.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Uses the General Development Settings keyboard scheme. For a complete listing of key mappings, see Pre-defined Keyboard Shortcuts.

MSDN Forums

The default forum is Visual Studio 2010.

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