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How to: Enable ASP Debugging in IIS

Before you can begin debugging, you must first configure your Web server to support ASP debugging.

To enable ASP debugging using IIS Manager

  1. In the Properties pages for the Web site or Web virtual directory, click the Home Directory or Virtual Directory tab.

  2. Under Application Settings, click Configuration. An application must be created for the button to be active.

  3. Click the Debugging tab.

  4. Select the Enable ASP server-side script debugging check box.

To enable ASP Using VBScript

  • Use the following code:

    ' Connect to an object for the Web service, Web site, virtual directory or Web file.
    ' In this case, we're connecting to the root virtual directory of the Default Web Site.
    Set IIsWebVirtualDirObj = GetObject("IIS://localhost/W3SVC/1/Root")
    WScript.Echo("Before: AppAllowDebugging = " & IIsWebVirtualDirObj.AppAllowDebugging)
    ' There are multiple ways to set a property:
    'IIsWebVirtualDirObj.AppAllowDebugging = True
    IIsWebVirtualDirObj.Put "AppAllowDebugging", True
    WScript.Echo("After: AppAllowDebugging = " & IIsWebVirtualDirObj.AppAllowDebugging)

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