SQL Debugging: Unable to communicate with SQL Server

Error Message

Unable to communicate with SQL Server <server_name>

This topic applies to:

Visual Studio Ultimate

Visual Studio Premium

Visual Studio Professional

Visual Studio Express

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This errors occurs when Transact-SQL application debugging could not be initialized on the instance of SQL Server named in the error dialog box. This usually means the server is offline.

If your application does not need to access the specified server, you can turn off application debugging, or multi-tier debugging, for that server and debug without it.

To turn off application debugging for a server

  • In Server Explorer, right-click the connection that is enabled for application debugging and clear the Application Debugging setting.

    If you have more than one connection to the same server, only one of them will be marked for Application Debugging but the setting applies to all connections established from your program to this server. If you have a number of connections, it may be easier to pick one connection and turn Application Debugging on there, then turn it off.

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