How to: Examine Cache Performance by Using the ProxyStatistics Web Service

As an administrator for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, you might want to examine the performance of the version control cache on a computer that is running Team Foundation Server or Team Foundation Server Proxy. By default, performance counters are installed, and you can view their statistics by opening Performance Monitor or by using the ProxyStatistics Web service. For information about how to use Performance Monitor to view cache performance, see How to: Examine Cache Performance By Using Performance Monitor.

For example, you can view statistics for the following counters:

  • Current cache size

  • Total cache hits

  • Total download requests

  • Total files in cache

These statistics are saved at set intervals to the ProxyStatistics.xml file. For information about how to change the length of the intervals and other cache settings, see How to: Change Cache Settings for Team Foundation Server Proxy.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators security group on the computer whose performance you want to monitor.

In addition to these permissions, you might need to address the following requirements on a computer that is running Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista:

  • To follow a procedure that requires Internet Explorer, you might need to start it as an administrator by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, right-clicking Internet Explorer, and then clicking Run as administrator.

  • To access Web sites or Web services, you might need to add one or more sites to the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer or start Internet Explorer as an administrator.

For more information, see the Microsoft Web site.

To view cache performance by using the ProxyStatistics Web service

  1. Log on locally or open a Remote Desktop connection to the server whose performance you want to monitor.


    You must be logged into the server that hosts the ProxyStatistics Web service to invoke the QueryProxyStatistics operation.

  2. Open Internet Explorer, and type one of the following URLs in the Address bar:

    • For Team Foundation Server using the default settings for port and virtual directory: https://localhost:8080/tfs/VersionControl/v1.0/proxystatistics.asmx

    • For Team Foundation Server Proxy using the default settings for port: https://localhost:8081/VersionControlProxy/v1.0/ProxyStatistics.asmx

      The Web page for the ProxyStatistics Web service appears.

  3. Click QueryProxyStatistics, and then click Invoke.

    An XML output file opens that contains statistics about the cache performance. For example, the output might resemble the following text:

    <ProxyStatisticsInfo CurrentCacheSize="356352" NoOfRequests="82" OverallCacheHits="41" NoOfFilesInCache="41" OverallCacheMisses="41" CacheHitsPercentage="50" CacheMissPercentage="50" ..." /> 


    The following statistics are calculated at run time: OverallCacheMisses, CacheHitsPercentage, and CacheMissPercentage.

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