Back Up the Reporting Services Encryption Key

For a single-server deployment of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, you can back up the encryption key for SQL Server Reporting Services in either of two ways. You can use either the Reporting Services Configuration tool, or you can use the RSKEYMGMT command-line tool, which SQL Server provides. For a multiple-server or clustered deployment, you must use RSKEYMGMT. For more information about RSKEYMGMT, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: RSKEYMGMT Utility.

For more information about how to back up the encryption key, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Administration (Reporting Services). For more information about how to restore the encryption key, see the following page on the Microsoft Web site: Restore Encryption Key (Reporting Services Configuration).

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Local Administrator group, which has the role of a Content Manager in Reporting Services, or your Manage report server security permission must be set to Allow.

To back up the encryption key by using the Reporting Services Configuration tool

  1. On the server that is running Reporting Services, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server, point to Configuration Tools, and then click Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

    The Report Server Installation Instance Selection dialog box opens.

  2. Type the name of the data-tier server and the database instance, and then click Connect.

  3. In the navigation bar on the left side, click Encryption Keys, and then click Backup.

    The Encryption Key Information dialog box opens.

  4. In File Location, specify the location where you want to store a copy of this key.

    You should consider storing this key on a separate computer from the one that is running Reporting Services.

  5. In Password, type a password for the file.

  6. In Confirm Password, retype the password for the file.

  7. Click OK.

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