Tf Command-Line Utility Commands

Topics in this section describe the purpose of Team Foundation version control commands and provide usage examples. For more information about how to perform specific tasks from the command line, see Command-Line Syntax (Version Control).

The tf command-line utility is located in <drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE and is available from the Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt.

For descriptions of Team Foundation version control commands that provide additional information about the items in your repository and the workspaces that map to it, see Informational Commands.

In This Section

Add Command

Branch Command

Branches Command

Changeset Command

Checkin Command

Checkout and Edit Commands

Configure Command

Delete Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Destroy Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Difference Command

Dir Command

Folderdiff Command

Get Command

Help Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

History Command

Label Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Labels Command

LocalVersions Command

Lock Command

Merge Command

Merges Command

Permission Command

Properties Command

Proxy Command

Rename Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Resolve Command

Rollback Command (Team Foundation Version Control)

Shelve Command

Shelvesets Command

Status Command

Undelete Command

Undo Command

Unlabel Command

Unshelve Command

View Command

Workfold Command

Workspace Command

Workspaces Command

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