/PGD (Specify Database for Profile-Guided Optimizations)




  • filename
    Specifies the name of the .pgd file that will be used to hold information about the running program.


When using /LTCG:PGINSTRUMENT, use /PGD to specify a nondefault name or location for the .pgd file. If you do not specify /PGD, the .pgd file name will be the same as the output file (.exe or .dll) name and will be created in the same directory from which the link was invoked.

When using /LTCG:PGOPTIMIZE, use /PGD to specify the name of the .pgd file to use to create the optimized image.

For more information, see Profile Guided Optimization.

To set this linker option in the Visual Studio development environment

  1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box. For details, see Setting Visual C++ Project Properties.

  2. Expand the Configuration Properties node.

  3. Expand the Linker node.

  4. Select the Optimization property page.

  5. Modify the Profile Guided Database property.

To set this linker option programmatically

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