Technical Reference for Team Foundation

You can perform many of the management and configuration tasks for Visual Studio Team Foundation ServerĀ at a command prompt. You can also use command-line tools to perform tasks for version control and build. This technical reference provides you with a list of all of the command-line tools that are available in Team Foundation Server.

You can also customize the work item types and process guidance that is available to your users in team projects. This technical reference provides details of the schemas for work item types and process guidance. Review the information that is provided about the schemas before you make any customizations.

Common Tasks



Manage or script the configuration of your server: You can manage many aspects of your deployment of Team Foundation Server from the command line. You can use the command-line tools for Team Foundation Server to script changes or updates to the deployment.

Work with version control. You can manage version control and perform tasks from a command prompt.

Manage your builds. From a command prompt, you can perform tasks such as starting and stopping builds, in addition to deleting or destroying completed builds.

Import, export, and manage objects for tracking work items. By using the witadmin command-line tool, you can create, delete, import, and export categories, global lists, types of links, types of work items, and work item fields. You can manage these objects for a team project collection or a specific team project.

Look up the definition for an element in a work item type. You can customize types of work items, work item forms, and other objects by using elements.

Look up the definition for a process template plug-in. You can create and customize your process templates, which you use to create team projects and standardize new processes.

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