Once you’ve created a team project, you can collaborate as a team to create and manage your backlog, storyboard ideas, and get feedback.

Create your backlog

Create and organize the product backlog

  • Define your requirements.

  • Prioritize your backlog.

  • Group requirements into a nested hierarchy.

Work from your backlog

Manage your backlog with the Kanban board

  • View team progress.

  • Track what’s been done and what to do next.

  • Review and update the Kanban board.

Work in sprints

Work in sprints

  • Use short time intervals to focus on high priority work.

  • Track team capacity.

  • Assign work to sprints.

  • Create tasks to track remaining work and load balance work.

  • Assign tasks and update task status.

Storyboard your ideas

Storyboard your ideas using PowerPoint

  • Visualize the user experience.

  • Share your ideas with your team.

Get customer feedback

Request and review feedback

  • Get feedback from your stakeholders.

  • Easily track feedback and problem areas.

  • Create bugs or backlog items linked to feedback.