Visual C#

C# (pronounced "C sharp") is a programming language that is designed for building a variety of applications that run on the .NET Framework. C# is simple, powerful, type-safe, and object-oriented. The many innovations in C# enable rapid application development while retaining the expressiveness and elegance of C-style languages.

Visual C# is an implementation of the C# language by Microsoft. Visual Studio supports Visual C# with a full-featured code editor, compiler, project templates, designers, code wizards, a powerful and easy-to-use debugger, and other tools. The .NET Framework class library provides access to many operating system services and other useful, well-designed classes that speed up the development cycle significantly.

In This Section

  • Getting Started with Visual C#
    Introduces the features of C# for programmers who are new to the language or are new to Visual Studio, and provides a roadmap for finding Help about Visual Studio.

  • Using the Visual C# Development Environment
    Introduces the Visual C# development environment.

  • C# Programming Guide
    Provides information and practical examples about how to use C# language constructs.

  • C# Reference
    Provides detailed reference information about C# programming concepts, keywords, types, operators, attributes, preprocessor directives, compiler switches, compiler errors, and compiler warnings.

  • C# Sample Applications
    Provides information about how you can access online samples.

  • C# Walkthroughs
    Provides links to programming walkthroughs that use C# and a brief description of each walkthrough.

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