multimap::find (STL/CLR)

Finds an element that matches a specified key.

    iterator find(key_type key);


  • key
    Key value to search for.


If at least one element in the controlled sequence has equivalent ordering with key, the member function returns an iterator designating one of those elements; otherwise it returns multimap::end (STL/CLR)(). You use it to locate an element currently in the controlled sequence that matches a specified key.


// cliext_multimap_find.cpp 
// compile with: /clr 
#include <cliext/map> 
typedef cliext::multimap<wchar_t, int> Mymultimap; 
int main() 
    Mymultimap c1; 
    c1.insert(Mymultimap::make_value(L'a', 1)); 
    c1.insert(Mymultimap::make_value(L'b', 2)); 
    c1.insert(Mymultimap::make_value(L'c', 3)); 
// display contents " [a 1] [b 2] [c 3]" 
    for each (Mymultimap::value_type elem in c1) 
        System::Console::Write(" [{0} {1}]", elem->first, elem->second); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("find {0} = {1}", 
        L'A', c1.find(L'A') != c1.end()); 
    Mymultimap::iterator it = c1.find(L'b'); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("find {0} = [{1} {2}]", 
        L'b', it->first, it->second); 
    System::Console::WriteLine("find {0} = {1}", 
        L'C', c1.find(L'C') != c1.end()); 
    return (0); 
 [a 1] [b 2] [c 3]
find A = False
find b = [b 2]
find C = False


Note that find does not guarantee which of several element it finds.


Header: <cliext/map>

Namespace: cliext

See Also


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