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Configure Team Foundation Server using the Application-Tier Only Configuration Wizard

Add a Team Foundation Server

You can use a wizard to add an application tier to an existing Team Foundation Server deployment.

Your Team Foundation Server deployment must use a domain account for its service account. If you originally used a built-in account for the TFS service account, you must change it to a domain account. For more information, see the section "Assigning a Different Account as the Service Account" on this page on the Microsoft website: Change the Service Account or Password for Team Foundation Server.


You can access the Team Foundation Server Configuration tool by launching Team Foundation Server Administration Console, choosing Application Tier, and then choosing Configure Installed Features.

Required permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators security group on the server.

To configure Team Foundation Server by using the application-tier only option

  1. Choose Application-Tier Only Configuration, and then choose Start Wizard.

    The Team Foundation Server Application-Tier Only wizard appears.

  2. Read the Welcome screen, and then choose Next.

  3. In SQL Server Instance, type the instance of SQL Server that hosts the configuration database for the installation of TFS for which you want to add an application-tier server, and then choose List Available Databases

    The wizard lists all the databases on that instance of SQL Server.

  4. Choose a database, and then choose Next.

    The wizard displays the application-tier settings for this server.

  5. In the list, choose the account you want to use. Enter the password for the service account. To test the user account and password combination, you can optionally choose Test.


    Make sure that the service account you specify has been added to the Farm Administrators group for the SharePoint Central Administration site. For more information, see Add the service account for Team Foundation Server to the Farm Administrators group.

  6. Under Authentication Method, choose NTLM to use NTLM authentication or Negotiate (Kerberos) to first attempt Kerberos authentication, the more secure option. If that fails, fall back to NTLM. Choose Next.

    NTLM is the default value.

  7. On the Review page, review the settings, and then choose Next.

  8. Choose Configure to apply the configuration settings.

    The wizard applies configuration settings.

  9. Choose Next, Close, Close.

    The Team Foundation Server Administration Console appears.


If you want to connect to an NLB cluster from a client that is running on one of the application-tier servers in the cluster, you should connect using localhost as the name of the server, instead of the Domain Name System (DNS) name for the load balancer. By default, Internet Information Services (IIS) prevents you from connecting to an NLB cluster from any server in the cluster, unless you use localhost as the name of the cluster.