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Visual Studio Lab Management enables you to manage virtual environments used in the development, deployment, and testing of your software applications. Lab Management works with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) to accomplish these tasks.

You can use the TfsConfig Lab commands to configure Lab Management in the Team Foundation Server Application Tier and to add SCVMM host groups and library shares to team project collections.

  • A host group is a logical container that is used to manage one or more physical machines that host virtual machines. Host groups are created by an administrator in SCVMM.

  • A library share is a designated share that provides access to the file-based resources such as ISO images and virtual hard disks that Lab Management uses to create and deploy virtual environments. Library shares are created in SCVMM by the SCVMM administrator.

To manage the host groups and library of individual team project from the command line, use the TfsLabConfig tool. For more information, see Configure Lab Management with TFSLabConfig.

Common Tasks


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Set up Team Lab Management and configure network isolation. The Settings options identify the SCVMM that will be used by Lab Management and the network location that will be used for virtual machines. Other options enable you to configure Network Isolation which allows you to run multiple copies of a lab environment to run at the same time without causing network conflicts, such as conflicts in computer names and Domain Name System (DNS) registration. 

TFSConfig Lab /Settings Commands

Manage SCVMM host groups for a team project collection. The HostGroup options lets you assign a host group that was created in SCVMM to a team project collection, remove an assignment, or modify Lab Management properties of the host group.

TFSConfig Lab /HostGroup Commands

Manage SCVMM library shares for a team project collection. The LibraryShare options lets you assign a library share to a team project collection, remove an assignment, or modify Lab Management properties of the library share.

TFSConfig Lab /LibraryShare Commands

Reassign DNS records to moved or modified team project collections. When you move a team project collection from one instance of Team Foundation Server to another, or when you change the Team Foundation Server service account, you might have to reassign DNS names that were generated by Lab Management. The DNS options enable this procedure.

TFSConfig Lab /DNS Commands

Upgrade from a previous version of SCVMM.

Upgrading SCVMM 2008 R2 to SCVMM 2012

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