Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Eclipse - Beginner's Guide

This tutorial includes step-by-step instructions to help you get started with the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse. Click any of the links below to get started…

  1. Installing the Team Foundation Server Plug-in for Eclipse

  2. Connecting to Team Foundation Server (Team Explorer Everywhere)

  3. Sharing Eclipse Projects in Team Foundation Server

    You add your Eclipse project into Team Foundation Server so that it can be shared with other team members. Then you can open Team Explorer before you interact with work items, work item queries, files under version control, documents, build definitions, and reports.

  4. Importing Projects from Team Foundation Server

    After a team member has added an Eclipse project to Team Foundation Server, you can download the project and work on it locally.

  5. When your codebase is under version control, you can develop your app—create and open files in Package Explorer and write your code—while version control does other work for you. When you check files in and out, it keeps track of your changes and creates a history of your project. Here are the most basic version control tasks:

    1. Manage Pending Changes (Team Explorer Everywhere)

    2. Add Files to Version Control (Team Explorer Everywhere)

    3. Get Files from the Server to Your Workspace (Team Explorer Everywhere)

    4. Check Out and Edit Files (Team Explorer Everywhere)

    5. Check in Your Work (Team Explorer Everywhere)

  6. Setting up an Ant or Maven build in TFS

    You can set up a continuous integration build with Eclipse and Team Foundation Server. When you check in code, the build runs automatically. That way, you can see and fix issues right away.


Many of the experiences in working with Team Foundation Server in Eclipse are similar to working inside Visual Studio, such as source control, work item tracking, or build automation. This tutorial helps you to ramp up quickly with the Team Foundation Server plug-in for Eclipse, rather than covering all of the overlapping features. For more information about how to use Team Foundation Server, see these other tutorials: Adopting Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server for Application Lifecycle Management, Collaborate [redirected], or Collaborate (dig deeper) [redirected].

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