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Add team members

Members of a team project can contribute to source control, work item tracking, and other team activities. If you don't yet have a team project, create one. To add teams to a team project, go here.

Add users or groups

  1. If you're not yet an administrator, get added as a team administrator. Only administrators can add members to a team or team project.

  2. On the TFS home page, choose your team or team project. If you don't see your team project listed, use Browse all to select it.

    Select team project from TFS home page

  3. Manage members from the team home page.

    Manage members for a team or team project

  4. Add an individual Windows user account or a group.

    Choose to add Windows accounts or a TFS group

    Account entry box on Add a user or group dialog

    The first time an account is added to TFS, you must enter the full domain name and the alias. Then you can then browse for that name by display name as well as account name. To learn more, see Set up groups for use in TFS deployments.


    You must enter user and group names one at a time. However, after entering a name, the account is added to the list, and you can type another name in the Identities text box before choosing to save your changes.

  5. To verify that you've added all accounts, return to the home page and view the list of team members.

    Verify team member list

  6. Send the URL for your team project (for example, http://fabrikamprime:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection/Fabrikam%20Fiber%20Website) to the new team members so that they can start contributing to the team project.

By default, team members inherit the permissions afforded to members of the team project Contributors group. Members of this group can add and modify source code, create and delete test runs, and create and modify work items. They can collaborate with other team members and check in work to the team's code base or collaborate on a Git team project.

Team member default permissions

To learn more about permission settings, go here.

Next steps

Q & A

Q: How do I grant access to all features?

A: If you don’t see test case management tools, team rooms, or Agile portfolio management features such as portfolio backlog levels, you might not have the correct level of access to the features in Team Web Access (TWA). Go here to learn how to grant or limit access to TWA features.

Q: How do I add a team administrator and what activities can they manage?

A: You can add a team administrator from the administration context for the team. Team administrators can add other team administrators, team members, team favorites. They can also customize the Kanban board and add members and events in a team room.

Q: How do I restrict access to select functions in a team project?

A: By default, users who have permissions to access one project within a collection can view other projects within that collection, even if they don't have permissions to modify work items or perform other actions in that project. You can restrict individuals or TFS groups from creating or modifying select artifacts.