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Upgrade from Visual SourceSafe

Upgrading your code projects, files, version history, labels, and user information from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Visual Studio Online version control has many benefits for your team. TFS version control is a modern version control system that is fully integrated with the suite of ALM tools in Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server.

To upgrade data from your Visual SourceSafe database

  1. Understand how VSS upgrade tools convert your data Team Foundation and Visual SourceSafe have significant functional differences. As a result, the VSS upgrade tools must modify certain kinds of data as it is upgraded.

  2. Prepare to upgrade from Visual SourceSafe Before you start the upgrade process, it’s critical that you plan ahead and prepare your data.

  3. Upgrade your data.

  4. Take next steps after upgrading from Visual SourceSafe After the upgrade tool has finished processing your data, you should verify that the process led to the outcome you expected. You might need to take additional steps to complete the upgrade.