Debugging Applications


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The following sections deal with debugging for specific types of applications. Different application types and different languages require different settings and techniques, and present different issues that need to be debugged.

Debugging for different types of applications

Title Description
Debugging Windows Store and Windows Universal apps Describes how to debug Windows Store apps and Windows Universal apps.
Debugging Managed Code Describes how to debug managed code (Visual C#, Visual Basic, and F3).
Debugging Native Code Describes how to debug different kind of native C++ applications.
Debugging GPU Code Describes how to debug C++ code that runs on the graphical processing unit (GPU).
Graphics Diagnostics (Debugging DirectX Graphics) Describes how to debug DirectX graphics.
Debugging Web Applications and Script Describes how to debug Web, ASP.NET, and AJAX applications.
Debugging WCF Services Describes how to debug Windows Communication Foundation services.