SccRemove Function


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This function deletes files from the source control system.


SCCRTN SccRemove(  
   LPVOID    pvContext,  
   HWND      hWnd,  
   LONG      nFiles,  
   LPCSTR*   lpFileNames,  
   LPCSTR    lpComment,  
   LONG      fOptions,  
   LPCMDOPTS pvOptions  


[in] The source control plug-in context structure.

[in] A handle to the IDE window that the source control plug-in can use as a parent for any dialog boxes that it provides.

[in] Number of files specified in the lpFileNames array.

[in] Array of fully qualified local path names of files to be removed.

[in] The comment to be applied to each file being removed.

[in] Command flags (unused).

[in] Source control plug-in-specific options.

Return Value

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:

Value Description
SCC_OK Removal was successful.
SCC_E_FILENOTCONTROLLED The selected file is not under source control.
SCC_E_OPNOTSUPPORTED The source control system does not support this operation.
SCC_E_ISCHECKEDOUT Cannot remove a file because a user currently has it checked out.
SCC_E_ACCESSFAILURE There was a problem accessing the source control system, probably due to network or contention issues.
SCC_E_NOTAUTHORIZED The user is not allowed to perform this operation.
SCC_E_NONSPECIFICERROR Nonspecific failure; file was not removed.
SCC_I_OPERATIONCANCELED The operation was cancelled before completion.


This function removes the files from the source control system but does not delete them from the user's local hard drive.

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