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I like/dislike something in the Visual Studio documentation

Please use our feedback button (Was this page helpful?) at the bottom of the page. You can find this button on all MSDN pages. If you’re looking for an answer and you can’t find it, please tell us what information you’re looking for.

I would like to report a problem with Visual Studio

If you are running into issues using Visual Studio such as crashes, sluggish performance, unexpected behavior, and so on, please report the problem to us by right-clicking on the feedback icon next to QuickLaunch, or by choosing Help | Send Feedback | Report a Problem from the main menu. For more information, see How to Report a Problem with Visual Studio.

I want to make a suggestion about Visual Studio features

If there's something we can do better please let us know! Choose Provide a Suggestion to suggest a feature or change to the Visual Studio team.

Rate this product

Pre-release versions of Visual Studio have a Rate this Product menu item that enables you to send feedback on the quality of the build you are running. You won't see this in released versions of the product.

I need help!

See Microsoft Support for online help.

Support outside the United States and Canada may vary. For a list of regional contacts, see Microsoft Worldwide Sites.

For more options, see Support Overview.

For larger organizations that require managed support directly from Microsoft, contracts are available through various Premier Support offerings. For more information, see Microsoft Services Premier Support.

If the product came installed with a new computer or device, the hardware manufacturer provides technical support and assistance for this software. Contact the manufacturer directly for support.

Microsoft support services are subject to then-current prices, terms, and conditions. Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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