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Overview: PView

With the PView process viewer (PVIEW.EXE), you can examine and modify many characteristics of the processes and threads running on your system. PView can help you answer questions such as these:

  • How much memory does the program allocate at various points in its execution, and how much memory is being paged out?

  • Which processes and threads are using the most CPU time?

  • How does the program run at different system priorities?

  • What happens if a thread or process stops responding to Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), or pipe input/output (I/O)?

  • What percentage of time is spent running application program interface (API) calls?

! Warning:   With PView, you can modify the status of processes running on your system. As a result, by using PView, you can stop processes and potentially halt the entire system. Make sure you save edited files before running PView.

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Opening PView