Using Viewers and Spy Programs

Viewers and spy programs allow you to examine objects and events on your computer and in memory.


OLE2VW32 displays the ActiveX and OLE objects installed on your computer and the interfaces they support. It also allows you to edit the registry and look at type libraries.

IDataObject Viewer

DOBJVIEW displays the list of data formats offered by ActiveX and OLE data objects created by the Clipboard or drag-and-drop operations.

Running Object Table Viewer

IROTVIEW displays information about ActiveX and OLE objects currently existing in memory.

Docfile Viewer

DFVIEW displays the contents of a small compound file. The executable file for DFVIEW is not on the Visual C++ compact disc. However, the source files for the SDK OLE sample are on the Visual C++ compact disc. To use DFVIEW, you must get the source code for this sample and build it.