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Scribble Tutorial

Scribble: MDI Drawing Application, Lesson 1

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In this lesson, you’ll:

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Scribble, the application you build in this tutorial, is a small drawing program that poses a realistic trial run in the Windows programming environment of the traditional “Hello, World!” Scribble lets the user draw “Hello, World!” (or any free-hand drawing) by using the mouse and then save the image in a file.

By the end of the tutorial, Scribble has custom menus, Microsoft Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) support, a dialog box with automatic initialization and validation, printing and print preview, scrolling, splitter windows, application Help support, and more: a fitting list of features for a Graphical User Interface (GUI) “Hello, World!” The development environment provides many of these features “for free,” and makes implementing the rest easy.

The following figure shows what Scribble looks like on the screen.

Scribble in Action