Visual C++ Tutorials

Visual C++

Visual C++ provides eight tutorials to help you begin learning new areas of the development system. Each tutorial is broken into steps, and complete code is supplied for each step. You can work through the tutorials step by step or simply build the code for a given step to see the results.
Tutorials Orientation   Learn about the tutorials and how to work through them using the documentation and sample files.
Scribble: MDI Drawing Application   Learn how to design and develop a multiple-document interface drawing program with the aid of AppWizard, WizardBar, the views, and the editors. Implement a dialog box, printing, and context-sensitive help.
Scribble: OLE Server Application   Convert your Scribble drawing application to an OLE server by implementing in-place editing.
Container Application   Learn about the MFC OLE classes and design an OLE container.
Autoclik: Automation   Create and test an automation server application.
Circle: ActiveX Control  Design an ActiveX control.
Enroll: Database Application  Create a database application and learn to manipulate data using a form's controls and recordsets.
DAOEnrol: Database Application  Learn to read a data source directly using MFC's DAO database classes.