WinJS.Navigation Namespace

Provides functionality for managing navigation, including the navigation stack.

The Microsoft Visual Studio project templates for Windows apps using JavaScript (Hub, Grid, Split, and Navigation) use the single-page navigation model. In this model, HTML pages are loaded via the page's URI into a single, app-wide context. The pages are loaded as needed, typically in response to user actions. See JavaScript project templates for Windows Store apps to get an overview of the templates.

For help choosing the best navigation pattern for your app, see Navigation patterns.

See the Flat navigation and Hierarchical navigation patterns in action as part of our App features, start to finish series.

The WinJS.Navigation namespace has these types of members:

  • Properties
  • Functions
  • Events


Property Description

canGoBack property

Identifies whether it is possible to traverse backward through the navigation stack.

canGoForward property

Identifies whether it is possible to traverse forward through the navigation stack.

history property

Gets or sets the navigation stack.

location property

Gets a URI for an app page.

state property

Gets or sets one or more user-defined key-value pairs that can be passed between pages.



Function Description

addEventListener function

Adds an event listener to the control.

back function

Traverses backward in the navigation stack.

forward function

Traverses forward in the navigation stack.

navigate function

Navigates to a location with optional state values.

removeEventListener function

Removes an event listener from the control.



Event Description

onbeforenavigate event

A page navigation event that occurs before onnavigating and onnavigated.

onnavigated event

A page navigation event that occurs after onbeforenavigate and onnavigating.

onnavigating event

A page navigation event that occurs after onbeforenavigate and before onnavigated.



Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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