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WinJS.Application.addEventListener function

Adds an event listener for application-level events: activated, checkpoint, error, loaded, ready, settings, and unload.

Note  Listeners for some Windows Store app events, like "suspending" and "resuming", cannot be added with this function. You must use Windows.UI.WebUI.WebUIApplication.addEventListener instead. See the example for more details.



WinJS.Application.addEventListener(type, listener, capture);


  • type
    Type: string

    The type (name) of the event. You can use any of the following:"activated", "checkpoint", "error", "loaded", "ready", "settings", and" unload".

  • listener
    Type: function

    The listener to invoke when the event is raised.

  • capture
    Type: Boolean

    true to initiate capture, otherwise false.

Return value

This function does not return a value.


The following events can be added with this function:


The following code shows how to add event listeners for different events.

WinJS.Application.addEventListener("activated", activated, false);
Windows.UI.WebUI.WebUIApplication.addEventListener("suspending", suspending, false);
Windows.UI.WebUI.WebUIApplication.addEventListener("resuming", resuming, false);
WinJS.Application.addEventListener("unload", activated, false);


Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0