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Microsoft.Phone.Controls Namespace

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

This section contains the supported controls in Windows Phone.


  Class Description
ItemRealizationEventArgs Provides data for the ItemRealized event of LongListSelector.
JumpListItemBackgroundConverter Represents the IValueConverter to be used by a LongListSelector's JumpListStyle's ItemTemplate.
JumpListItemForegroundConverter Represents the IValueConverter that is used by a LongListSelector's JumpListStyle's ItemTemplate.
LongListSelector Displays a list of selectable items with a mechanism for users to jump to a specific section of the list.
NavigatingEventArgs Provides data for the WebBrowser control Navigating event.
NotifyEventArgs Provides data for the WebBrowser control ScriptNotify event.
ObscuredEventArgs The ObscuredEventArgs class handles obscurity changes.
OrientationChangedEventArgs Provides data to the OrientationChanged event of the Page and Frame classes.
Panorama Creates a panoramic view of items that can be panned side-to-side.
PanoramaItem Represents an item in a Panorama control.
PhoneApplicationFrame The class for the PhoneApplicationFrame control for Windows Phone projects. For more information about this control, see In-app navigation for Windows Phone 8.
PhoneApplicationPage The class for the PhoneApplicationPage control for Windows Phone projects.
Pivot The Pivot control provides a quick way to manage the navigation of views within an application. The control can be used as a navigation interface for filtering large sets or switching between views.
PivotItem PivotItem is the container for items in the Pivot control. The item has both a set of visual states for position and a Header, effectively a HeaderedContentControl.
PivotItemEventArgs Event arguments for dynamically interacting with the PivotItem before use, allowing for delay load scenarios.
WebBrowser Allows HTML rendering and navigation functionality to be embedded in an application.
WebBrowserBase Provides a base class for the WebBrowser control
WebBrowserExtensions Contains extension methods for the WebBrowser control.
WebBrowserNavigationException Included with the NavigationFailedEventArgs object, when the NavigationFailed event is raised.


  Enumeration Description
LongListSelectorItemKind Represents the different kind of items that exists in LongListSelector.
LongListSelectorLayoutMode Specifies the layout options for the items in the LongListSelector.
PageOrientation An enumeration defining the possible orientations of a page.
SupportedPageOrientation An enumeration defining the orientations that may be supported by an application.