App resources and localization (Windows Runtime apps)

Learn how to design Windows Runtime apps so that their resources can be independently maintained and localized, and also customized for different scaling factors, accessibility options, and other user and machine contexts.

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Resource Management System

The Resource Management System is part of the tools support that happens when you build your app. It creates a file that is packaged with the app, and then is called upon by the Windows Runtime to resolve resources when the app runs in a user context.

URI schemes

You can use URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) schemes to refer to app files that come from the app's package, data folders, or resources.

Language matching

Matching the language of the user is a core component of Windows Runtime APIs. The ability to determine a best match between available resources and the user's preferred languages is necessary to provide the best user experience when working with multilingual apps. This topic describes the logic used to determine the best match.

NumeralSystem values

This topic lists the values available to the NumeralSystem property of classes in the Windows.Globalization namespace.

International fonts

This topic lists the fonts available for Windows Runtime apps that are localized into languages other than U.S. English.