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Delivering scheduled, periodic, and push notifications (HTML)

Note  Not using JavaScript? See Delivering scheduled, periodic, and push notifications (XAML).


Examples given in the Creating tiles and badges and Sending toast notifications sections demonstrate the use of local notifications. Local notifications allow you to update your tiles and badges and send toast notifications while your app is running, using text and image resources stored on the device that the app is running on. This section extends that information to discuss the other mechanisms available for you to provide tile, badge, and toast content: scheduled, periodic, and push notifications.

These topics assume that you have a working knowledge of tile, badge, and toast notification terms and concepts. For more information, see Tiles, Badges, and Notifications.

For information about selecting the best notification method for a particular scenario, see Choosing a notification delivery method.

In this section

Topic Description

Scheduling notifications

This section shows you how to schedule notifications to appear at a specific time.

Periodic notifications

A tile can set up a periodic poll of a specified Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) on a web server to get updated tile or badge content.

Push notifications with WNS

The Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) enables enables third-party developers to send toast, tile, and badge updates from their own cloud service.