WinJS.UI.Pages Namespace

Provides methods for defining and displaying pages (PageControl objects) within an app.

The WinJS.UI.Pages namespace has these types of members:

  • Objects
  • Interfaces
  • Functions


Object Description

PageControl object

A modular unit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript defining a page within an app that can be navigated to or used as a custom WinJS control.



Interface Description

IPageControlMembers interface

Provides members for a PageControl. You implement this interface when defining a new PageControl.



Function Description

define function

Creates a new PageControl from the specified URI containing the specified members.

get function

Gets a pre-defined page control for the specified URI, or creates a new one.

render function

Creates a PageControl from the specified URI and inserts it inside the specified DOM element.



Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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