What's next for Windows Phone 8 development

[ This article is for Windows Phone 8 developers. If you’re developing for Windows 10, see the latest documentation. ]

You’ve successfully created your first Windows Phone app if you’ve followed the steps in How to create your first app for Windows Phone 8. Now, learn more about how to design, develop, and sell great apps.

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Learn about Windows Phone 8 development from start to finish or pick only the topics that interest you from these online courses of video instruction and demos.


Build intuitive, responsive, and visually pleasing apps. Make your apps stand out in the Windows Phone Store.

Design library for Windows Phone

Implementing Windows Phone app design

App structure and navigation models for Windows Phone


Add powerful features from the Windows Phone platform to your app. Look over the checklist in Developing apps for Windows Phone 8. Explore the following common development tasks.

Common functionality

Windows Phone features

Project features

Launching, resuming, and multitasking for Windows Phone 8

Tiles for Windows Phone 8

App capabilities and hardware requirements for Windows Phone 8

Data for Windows Phone 8

Location for Windows Phone 8

Globalization and localization for Windows Phone 8

In-app navigation for Windows Phone 8

Integrating with Windows Phone 8

Direct3D app development for Windows Phone 8

Communications for Windows Phone 8

Launchers and Choosers for Windows Phone 8

App manifest file for Windows Phone 8


Make sure your app performs well under real-world conditions before you publish it to the Store. Look over the checklist in Testing apps for Windows Phone 8. Try the following SDK tools.

Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone Application Analysis for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone Store Test Kit for Windows Phone 8


Review the requirements for publishing your app. Explore additional ways to attract buyers and generate income.

Submit your app

Creating trial apps for Windows Phone 8

In-app purchase for Windows Phone 8

API reference

Find details about the classes, methods, properties, and events that you want to use in your app.

Windows Phone API reference


Pick from a large number of samples to learn how specific controls, features, and types of apps work.

Windows Phone Samples