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Audio Capture and Render APIs for native code for Windows Phone

July 21, 2014

To enable the capturing and rendering of audio from native code, Windows Phone 8 supports a subset of the WASAPI interfaces that are available on the desktop. Four additional audio APIs that are specific to the phone are also provided to enable this scenario. Capturing and rendering audio from managed code, such as playing a sound effect in a typical XAML-based application does not require the use of these APIs. For more information on other ways to play and capture audio on Windows Phone, see Media for Windows Phone.

Supported WASAPI interfaces

Windows Phone 8 supports the following WASAPI interfaces:

Unsupported WASAPI interfaces

Windows Phone 8 does not support the following WASAPI interfaces:

Additional Audio Capture and Render APIs

The following APIs are provided to support audio capture and render from native code on Windows Phone 8.

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