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AutoFocusParameters enumeration

Indicates if the autofocus, auto exposure, or auto white balance operations will pause.


public enum AutoFocusParameters
Public Enum AutoFocusParameters
public enum class AutoFocusParameters


The AutoFocusParameters enumeration has these members.

Member Value Description
None 0

Indicates that focus, exposure, and white balance settings will adjust automatically prior to capture.

Focus 1

Indicates that the autofocus operation will pause and the current focus position will be used during capture.

Exposure 2

Indicates that the auto exposure operation will pause and the current exposure time will be used during capture.

WhiteBalance 4

Indicates that the auto white balance operation will pause and the current color temperature setting will be used during capture.


This enumeration can be treated as a bit field; that is, a set of flags. Select multiple parameters by performing a bitwise OR with the desired parameters and assign the result to the LockedAutoFocusParameters known camera property.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

None supported

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8


Windows.Phone.Media.Capture Windows::Phone::Media::Capture [C++]