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Registry Policy File Format

The Group Policy Object Editor stores registry-based configuration settings in two Registry.pol files, stored in folders under the <drive>:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\ folder. One file contains computer settings and the other file contains user settings. The Group Policy Object Editor saves the settings to these files on exit, and imports the settings on startup.

A Registry.pol file is a text file that consists of a header and a body. The header contains two DWORD values that indicate the file signature and version. These values are defined as follows.

Value Definition
REGFILE_SIGNATURE Defined as 0x67655250.
REGISTRY_FILE_VERSION Initially defined as 1, then incremented each time the file format is changed.

The body consists of registry values in the following format.



Path to the registry key. Do not include HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER in the registry path. The location of the file determines which of these keys are used.


The name of the registry value.

The following values have special meaning for this field.

Value Meaning
**DeleteValues A semicolon-delimited list of values to delete. Use as a value of the associated key.
**Del.valuename Deletes a single value. Use as a value of the associated key.
**DelVals Deletes all values in a key. Use as a value of the associated key.
**DeleteKeys A semicolon-delimited list of keys to delete. The value field needs to be terminated with a NULL or space immediately after **DeleteKeys.
Example: **DeleteKeys/0;type;size;NoRun;NoFind
**SecureKey **SecureKey=1 secures the key, giving administrators and the system full control, and giving users read-only access. **SecureKey=0 resets access to the key to whatever is set on the root. For more information, see Access Rights and Access Masks.


The data type. The field can contain any of the registry value types defined in WinNT.h.













The size of the data field, in bytes.


The user-supplied data.

If value, type, size, or data are missing or zero, only the registry key is created.