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RsopLoggingModeProvider class

The RSoP MMC snap-in (rsop.msc) calls the methods of the WMI RsopLoggingModeProvider class to take a snapshot of the policy data that is present on a computer. If you call the RsopCreateSession method to take a snapshot of the policy data, this allows the snap-in to display the data before the system overwrites or deletes it during a refresh of policy. The Winlogon process for Group Policy refreshes the data periodically.


[dynamic, provider("Rsop Logging Mode Provider")]
class RsopLoggingModeProvider


The RsopLoggingModeProvider class has these types of members:


The RsopLoggingModeProvider class has these methods.

Method Description
RsopCreateSession Static, Implemented
Takes a snapshot of actual policy data for display by the RSoP snap-in.
RsopDeleteSession Static, Implemented
Deletes the snapshot of policy data made by RsopCreateSession when the data is no longer required by the RSoP snap-in.
RsopEnumerateUsers Static, Implemented
Retrieves the list of users whose policy data is available in logging mode.


Note that the RSoP snap-in must call the CoInitializeSecurity function before calling the methods of the RsopLoggingModeProvider class. This allows the provider's implementation to impersonate the client when required. For more information, see Initializing COM for a WMI Application.


Minimum supported client
Windows Vista
Minimum supported server
Windows Server 2008

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