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Ultra-Mobile PC

The Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is the first computer running the full Windows Vista operating system that optimizes for the broadest possible range of mobile user situations. By leveraging the flexibility and capabilities of its computer architecture, the power of Windows Vista, and the Microsoft Touch Pack for Ultra-Mobile PC, UMPCs provide users with the ultimate "information everywhere" experience.

The typical Ultra-Mobile PC has a slate form factor, weighs less than 2.5 pounds, and has a 5-7 inch LCD display with resistive touch digitizer. With its compact, ergonomic design, the Ultra-Mobile PC is ideal for use in limited attention scenarios, such as driving or walking. In these and other mobile situations, users are able to interact quickly and simply with their UMPCs by using direct touch, stylus, hardware control buttons, soft keyboard, dial keys, and speech.

The UMPC is extensible through conventional input devices, such as keyboard and mouse. It can also be equipped with specialized hardware, such as GPS navigation, cameras, and dedicated media playback controls.

What is the Ultra-Mobile PC?

The Touch Pack for Ultra-Mobile PC



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Build date: 2/8/2011