The Picture Acquisition application programming interface (API) exposes the following interfaces.

Interface Description
IPhotoAcquire Provides methods for acquiring photos from a device.
IPhotoAcquireDeviceSelectionDialog Provides a dialog box for selecting the device to acquire images from.
IPhotoAcquireItem Provides methods for working with items as they are acquired from a device.
IPhotoAcquireOptionsDialog Used to display an options dialog box in which the user can select photo acquisition settings.
IPhotoAcquireProgressCB May be implemented if you wish to do extra processing at various stages in the acquisition process.
IPhotoAcquireSettings Used to work with image acquisition settings, such as file name format.
IPhotoAcquireSource Used for acquisition of items from a device.
IPhotoProgressDialog Provides the progress dialog box that may be displayed when enumerating or importing images.
IUserInputString Represents the object created when asking the user for a string.


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