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Exposing ActiveX Objects

Exposing objects makes them available for programmatic use by other applications and programming tools. This section discusses how to design an application that exposes objects, and then uses various samples from the COM Programmer's Reference to demonstrate how to implement the design.


Throughout this section, the file names of sample applications appear in parentheses before the sample code.

In this section

Topic Description
How to: Expose ActiveX Objects
To expose ActiveX objects, you write code to initialize the objects, implement the objects, and then release OLE when the application terminates.
Design Considerations for ActiveX Objects
Provides guidance for designing an Automation application.
Type Libraries and ActiveX Objects
You must create a type library for each set of exposed objects.
Hello Sample
The Hello sample is an Automation application with one object.
Lines Sample
The Lines sample is an ActiveX component application that implements collections.
Supporting Multiple National Languages
The IDispatch interface provides a range of solutions that vary in cost of implementation and quality of language support.