Registering Interfaces

Applications that add interfaces need to register the interfaces so OLE can find the appropriate remoting code for interprocess communication. By default, Automation registers dispinterfaces that appear in the .odl file. It also registers remote Automation-compatible interfaces that are not registered elsewhere in the system registry under the label "ProxyStubClsid32" (or "ProxyStubClsid" on 16-bit systems).

The syntax of the information registered for an interface is as follows:

\Interface\{UUID} = InterfaceName
\Interface\{UUID}\Typelib = LIBID
\Interface\{UUID}\ProxyStubClsid[32] = CLSID



The universally unique ID of the interface.


The name of the interface.


The universally unique ID associated with the type library in which the interface is described.


The universally unique ID associated with the proxy/stub implementation of the interface, used internally by OLE for interprocess communication. ActiveX objects use the proxy/stub implementation of IDispatch.


To obtain a universally unique identifier ID, use the Guidgen.exe utility, which is a random number generator for creating unique identifiers. For more information about this utility, refer to Managing GUIDs.