BasicHLSL Direct3D Sample

The samples in this section show how to use Microsoft Direct3D in a C# managed code application. When you have mastered the tutorials, you are ready to jump into the samples. Some of these samples demonstrate the latest features of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code. Other samples demonstrate existing functionality that is fundamental to using Direct3D. All of the samples are built on top of the sample framework. See The Sample Framework and Sample Framework Reference.


These samples demonstrate the newest techniques incorporated into DirectX. While DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code supports a variety of managed development languages including Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, the majority of samples are written in C#.

Note: Although DirectX samples include Microsoft Visual Studio .NET solution files, you might need to verify other settings in your development environment to ensure that the samples compile properly.

C# Samples

Sample Description
BasicHLSL Direct3D Sample Coded in both Microsoft Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET, this is a simple example of using high-level shader language (HLSL) with the Effect class.
CustomUI Direct3D Sample A simple demonstration of the user interface (UI) subsystem implemented by the DirectX 9.0 for Managed Code sample framework.
EmptyProject Direct3D Sample A starting point for new Direct3D applications.
EnhancedMesh Direct3D Sample Demonstrates mesh tessellation in Direct3D.
FragmentLinker Direct3D Sample Uses the FragmentLinker class to split shader source code into a series of shader fragments, which are compiled separately and linked together to form a complete shader.
HDRCubeMap Direct3D Sample Demonstrates cubic environment-mapping with floating-point textures and high dynamic range (HDR) lighting.
HDRFormats Direct3D Sample Shows how HDR data can be encoded into integer formats for compatibility across a wide range of devices.
HLSLwithoutEffects Direct3D Sample Provides an example of how to use HLSL, without the use of the D3DX effect interfaces.
ProgressiveMesh Direct3D Sample Shows how an application can use the D3DX progressive mesh functionality to simplify meshes for faster rendering.
PrtPerVertex Direct3D Sample Demonstrates how to use PrtEngine, a precomputed radiance transfer (PRT) simulator that uses low-order spherical harmonics (SH).
C# Scripting Direct3D Sample Demonstrates one possible technique for using C# code as a script in your unmanaged applications, and includes techniques to ensure that scripts not deemed to be safe cannot be executed.
SimpleAnimation Direct3D Sample Shows how to animate a 3-D model that has a skeletal structure.
Text3D Direct3D Sample Shows how to draw 2-D text in a 3-D scene.

Visual Basic .NET Samples

Sample Description
BasicHLSL Direct3D Sample Coded in both Visual C# and Visual Basic .NET, this is a simple example of using HLSL with the Effect class.