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Spin Boxes 

A spin box—sometimes called a spinner control—is a collective term for the combination of a text box with an up-down control. Users can click arrow buttons (the up-down control) or press the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key to change the value in the text box. The value ascends or descends incrementally.

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Developer Note:
Combining the Controls To create a spin box, ensure that the up-down control immediately follows the text box in the tab order, and set the AutoBuddy property to TRUE.

Spin boxes are useful when users don’t need to see the whole range of values in order to make a selection. For example, if the range is so familiar to users that they'll be able to infer all values from seeing just one (such as Monday indicating days of the week), consider using a spin box.

When the user clicks the text box or the buttons, the input focus is set to the text box component of the control. Usually, the user can type a text value directly into the control or use the buttons to increase or decrease the value. The increment of change varies.

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