Managing Logging Categories

This functionality is currently available only in the Microsoft Win32 environment. It is not available in the Component Object Model (COM) implementation environment.

A logging category determines the type of errors or other events the fax server logs in the application event log. A logging level describes the severity of events the fax server logs. For a description of predefined logging categories and logging levels, see the FAX_LOG_CATEGORY topic.

The FaxGetLoggingCategories function permits a fax client application to query the current logging categories for the fax server. The function returns the information in one or more FAX_LOG_CATEGORY structures. Each structure describes one current logging category. The data includes the descriptive name of the logging category, the category number, and the current logging level. Because the FaxGetLoggingCategories function allocates the memory required for the FAX_LOG_CATEGORY structures, the application must call the FaxFreeBuffer function to deallocate these resources.

To modify a fax server's global configuration settings, an application can call the FaxSetLoggingCategories function.

Note that an application must first call the FaxConnectFaxServer function to obtain a fax server handle before calling the FaxGetLoggingCategories function and the FaxSetLoggingCategories function.