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Required Fax Access Rights by Function

The following table lists the access rights users must have to successfully call certain fax client functions in the Microsoft Win32 environment.

Required access right Function
FAX_CONFIG_QUERY FaxEnumGlobalRoutingInfo, FaxGetConfiguration, FaxGetLoggingCategories
FAX_CONFIG_SET FaxSetConfiguration, FaxEnumGlobalRoutingInfo, FaxGetLoggingCategories
FAX_JOB_QUERY FaxEnumJobs, FaxGetJob, FaxGetPageData
FAX_JOB_SET FaxAbort, FaxSetJob
FAX_JOB_SUBMIT FaxSendDocument, FaxSendDocumentForBroadcast
FAX_PORT_QUERY FaxClose, FaxEnumPorts*, FaxEnumRoutingMethods, FaxGetDeviceStatus*, FaxGetPort*, FaxGetRoutingInfo, FaxOpenPort
FAX_PORT_SET FaxEnableRoutingMethod, FaxSetPort*, FaxGetRoutingInfo


*This function also requires a specific fax port access level. For more information, see Fax Port Access Levels.

Note that the FAX_JOB_MANAGE access level also permits a user to call the FaxAbort function and the FaxSetJob function. For additional information, see Managing Fax Jobs.