GPMC Interfaces

The following table lists the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) interfaces.

Interface Description
IGPM Accesses GPMC interfaces to retrieve GPMC information and to create objects. Manages and queries Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and GPO links. Queries scope of management (SOM) objects.
IGPMAsyncCancel Cancels an asynchronous GPMC operation, such as a backup, restore, import, copy, or report generation. The GPMC function called by the client asynchronously returns a pointer to the IGPMAsyncCancel interface. IGPMAsyncCancel is not available through scripting.
IGPMAsyncProgress Enables client notification about the progress of an operation. Implemented by the client, and passed as a parameter to GPMC methods that can run asynchronously. IGPMAsyncProgress is not available through scripting.
IGPMBackup Retrieves the properties of GPMBackup objects. Deletes GPMBackup objects.
IGPMBackupCollection Accesses a collection of GPO backups.
IGPMBackupDir Queries GPO backups and GPO backup collections.
IGPMClientSideExtension Queries client-side extension properties such as the ID and the display name.
IGPMConstants Retrieves the values of GPMC constants.
IGPMCSECollection Accesses a collection of client-side extension objects.
IGPMDomain Queries SOM objects. Creates, restores, and queries GPOs. Creates and queries WMI filters. WMI filter queries use WMI Query Language (WQL).
IGPMGPO Manages an individual GPO. Deletes, copies, imports, or backs up a GPO. Enables or disables user and computer configuration options. Sets security information. Retrieves multiple GPO properties for a given GPO, and generates reports of the settings in the GPO.
IGPMGPOCollection Accesses a collection of GPOs.
IGPMGPOLink Manages a GPO link from a SOM. Sets and retrieves the properties of GPO links, such as the link order or whether a link is enabled or enforced.
IGPMGPOLinksCollection Accesses a collection of GPO links.
IGPMPermission Retrieves permission properties.
IGPMResult Retrieves status message information while performing GPMC operations on GPOs, such as restore, import, backup, and copy operations.
IGPMRSOP Queries Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) in logging or planning mode. Generates RSoP reports.
IGPMSearchCriteria Defines the criteria for search operations.
IGPMSecurityInfo Defines the set of permissions that exist on a SOM, GPO, or WMI filter. Removes or adds permissions.
IGPMSitesContainer Queries SOM objects for particular sites in a forest.
IGPMSOM Creates and retrieves GPO links for a SOM. Sets and retrieves security attributes and properties for a SOM.
IGPMSOMCollection Accesses a collection of SOMs.
IGPMStatusMessage Retrieves the properties of the status messages of GPO operations.
IGPMStatusMsgCollection Accesses a collection of status messages.
IGPMTrustee Retrieves information about a trustee that is a user, group, or computer in the domain.
IGPMWMIFilter Sets or retrieves the security attributes and properties of a WMI filter.
IGPMWMIFilterCollection Accesses a collection of WMI filters.
IGPMMapEntry Retrieves map entries.
IGPMMapEntryCollection Accesses a collection of map entries.
IGPMigrationTable Accesses a migration table.