Click and HHClick Method

Use the Click method to invoke any command that supports the Button parameter.

Commands that do not support the Button parameter, such as Splash, are invoked as soon as your HTML file is loaded and, therefore, cannot be called from a method.

This method can be used with either a compiled help (.chm) file or uncompiled HTML files. However, not all commands are supported in uncompiled HTML files.

Applies to: Alink | Close | HH Version | KLink | Related Topics | Shortcut | TCard | WinHelp


Click() or HHClick() 


The Click method takes no parameters.


The following example shows how to use the Click method to invoke the HH version command.

The code for the control:

   <PARAM name="Command" value="HH Version">

The JavaScript code to invoke the control:

<a href=JavaScript:test3.Click()>On Click, do HH Version</a>


  • If you are using Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), always use HHClick, which provides the same functionality as Click, but prevents a naming conflict with the VBScript Click method.

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