Create a Frameset

When designing for a help Web site, you may choose to create a frameset for your help content. After you have created a frameset, you add the HTML Help ActiveX control to the frames that you want to have help functionality.

Framesets are a way of specifying multiple, independent, scrollable regions within a browser window. Each frame can contain a separate HTML document. You can have frames that scroll and resize, depending on how you author the frameset.

You need to assign a name to each frame you create. This will enable you to link from one frame to another. For example, one frame can contain a table of contents and another frame topics. When a user clicks an entry in the table of contents a topic opens in the other frame.

You can use the HTML Help ActiveX control to add the following to your frameset:


  • If you don't want to create your own frameset to display topics you can use the Help Viewer. There is a performance gain when using the Help Viewer.
  • You can link to a compiled help file from a Web site, and have your users download the file, instead of designing your help to appear on the Web.

About Using HTML Help on the Web