Create a Help Project

An HTML help project (.hhp) file is a text file that brings together all the elements of a help project. It contains the data HTML Help Workshop needs to combine topic (.html, .htm), image (.jpeg, .gif, .png), index (.hhk), and contents (.hhc) files into a single compiled help (.chm) file.

The project file also contains information about how a compiled help file will appear. Window definitions you create in the project file determine attributes of your help windows, such as size and position.

As a help author, you create the project file and add to it the locations of your topic, contents, index, and other files. You can modify the project file options and customize your help windows to match the design of your system. You can make other changes depending on the size and complexity of your help system.

When you create a new project, contents, or index file, the minimum necessary settings are added automatically. The project file is divided into sections; for example, [FILES] and [OPTIONS] are included in every help project file. You can edit these sections by double-clicking the section title.

After your project file is complete, you compile it to create the final help file. Then you test the help file to make sure everything appears the way you want it.

About Creating Help