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Creating Help

The topics in this section describe how to get started creating help.

Create a Help Project

The HTML Help project (.hhp) file organizes all elements of a help system. It contains pointers to all of the HTML topic, image, index, and contents files in a help project. You can also add links to your files and assign information types.

Customize Help

You can customize the way topics appear and decide what functionality you want your users to have in your help system. You can use the Help Viewer to display your help system or customize it to get the exact look and feel you want for your help design.

Compile and Test Help

The HTML Help compiler automatically compiles your help project according to your specifications. You can test all elements of a help project, to ensure that you are shipping an error free help system.

Hook Up Help to a Program

You can create shortcuts, context-sensitive help, and training card topics, with the help of a software developer, to integrate help into the program you are documenting.

Manage Large Document Sets

There are several features that you can use to manage large document sets. They are particularly useful if you are shipping a help system that contains components.

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