To add a Search tab to the Navigation pane

  1. Enable full-text search.

  2. Open a project (.hhp) file, and then click Change Project Options.

    Specifies files, compiler, window, and other project settings.
  3. On the Compiler tab, select the Compile full-text search information check box, and then click OK.

  4. Click Add/Modify Window Definitions, and then click the Navigation Pane tab.

    Adds or edits window definitions and the general appearance of the HTML Help Viewer.
  5. In the Window type box, click the window you want, and then select the Search tab check box. Select the Advanced check box to add advanced full-text search features.


  • You can decrease the time it takes for a full-text search by including a full-text search stop list in your project. Any words in the stop list are omitted from the search. These are usually commonly occurring words, such as "the" or "and" that a user is unlikely to search for.
  • After you add a new tab, you may want to adjust the window size and position of the Help Viewer to account for the new space the tab uses in the Navigation pane.

About Customizing the Help Viewer